• Sep 23rd 2018

    Simple Sugar Cookies Make Holidays Fun!

    With Halloween coming, you need something to keep the kids (or yourself) out of the trick-or-treat candy. Most places don't allow home made treats, so these are perfect for you to keep all for yoursel…

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  • Jul 9th 2018

    Get Your Game On!

    Even as the heat rages and the weather seems uncooperative, many across America, and the globe, are gearing up for a long-standing fall tradition:Sports.The World Cup is in full swing in Russia, the…

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  • Jun 14th 2018

    Travel Safety

    Millions of travelers will take to the roads and skies in 2018, especially during the summer. Visiting family, seeing landmarks and historic sites, or activity trips full of tours, climbs and other…

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  • May 28th 2018

    Let's Celebrate Something Different!

    Every year, we are shown the same sights around this time of year in the United States.Patriotic Red, White and Blue is everywhere through July 4th. Bright colors adorn everything from seasonal picn…

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  • Apr 27th 2018

    ​Mother’s Day - Beyond Flowers

    As a mother, I have a love/hate relationship with Mother’s Day. As with many other ‘holidays’ it feels very commercial. I would hope, along with significant others, Grandparents, Dads and anyone…

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  • Jul 18th 2017

    Container Gardening

    Space and climate are just two of the reasons container gardening has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. With new technology in watering like drip irrigation and hydroponics, resident…

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  • Jun 12th 2017

    Summertime fun

    Summer officially starts next week and the kids are out of school - cue the mad scramble to figure out how to pass the next few months without losing the sanity of everyone in the household. Of…

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  • Feb 6th 2017

    Flowers, Not Just For Valentine's!

    As Valentine’s Day rolls around again, many of you will be making a very specific purchase for a special someone. For many, part or all of the gift will contain flowers. They are such a popular g…

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  • Dec 12th 2016

    Pulling off Bathroom Home Décor

    The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. This means firstly that it can be decorated on a relatively low budget compared to bigger rooms and secondly that at least some of the deco…

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  • Oct 12th 2016

    Storing Outdoor Furniture & Decor

    We all spend a good deal of time dreaming about our ideal outdoor space - at least I do. When it moves from daydreaming and planning to creating that space, it takes a lot of work and can be a sig…

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  • Aug 5th 2016

    Back to School

    Back to School the Easy WayIt is that time of year again where we look to the next stretch of books, homework and field trips. The first day of school signals the end of unsupervised kids, or endles…

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  • Mar 21st 2016

    Welcome Blog!

    Greetings from ZECKOS!Thanks for stopping by for a visit, we hope you enjoy your stay and have fun browsing our unique selection of products. We are always available to help should you need anything a…

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