Let's Celebrate Something Different!

Published by Melody Sunday on May 28th 2018

Every year, we are shown the same sights around this time of year in the United States.

Patriotic Red, White and Blue is everywhere through July 4th. Bright colors adorn everything from seasonal picnic place settings to towels, clothing and pool floats. This is the season of beach visits, sightseeing and family vacations. Sometimes, it gets a little monotonous. Yes, I said it. So what other fun holidays exist we don’t have a Hallmark card for? Plenty! Let’s have some fun this summer with the alternative holidays you never knew you needed in your life until now.

June – Candy Month!

The kids are out of school and they sure don’t care about paying attention or going to bed on time. Let loose a little and celebrate by making your own candy or just giving in to the temptation in the checkout line. You too, caregiver. You deserve some sugar! 

Maybe a whole month is too much for you, since it might take until school starts again for the sugar-rush to dissipate. Instead, you can stop by your local donut shop the first Friday in June for National Donut Day. Many of the chain stores run specials. If donuts aren’t your thing, there are other food days to choose from. Grab some bakeware and create your own summer goodies - (you'll need it for Applesauce Cake day) or just raid your grocery store on these days:


June 2 – Rocky Road (ice cream) Day

June 4 – Applesauce Cake Day and National Cheese Day

June 7 – National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 10 – Iced Tea Day

June 11 – National Corn on the Cob Day

June 16 – Fresh Veggies Day

June 18 – International Sushi Day

The fun does not stop there...

July – National Picnic Month!

It’s also National Hot Dog, Ice Cream and Blueberry Months but 'Picnic' does a good job of incorporating all the above. Get outside and spread a blanket, fire up the grill and have some fun either with the family, some friends or the whole neighborhood.

Not everything is about food, of course. (I don’t know why, it just isn’t.) If you had your fill from picnic food, perhaps you can get some exercise line dancing or two-stepping on July 4th. In addition to being our Independence Day, it is also National Country Music Day. Of course, depending on how much you ate, you might just want to relax in your Hammock, July 22nd for Hammock Day. 

Colorful Caribbean Stripe Wide UV Resistant Hammock

Even though school is out, it’s never a bad time to learn about something interesting. A few teachable moments in July:

July 14 – Shark Awareness Day and Bastille Day

July 24 – Amelia Earhart Day

July 28 – National Day of the Cowboy

August – Family Fun Month!

August marks the end of the summer break for many kids. Here in the Southern US, we go back to school before Labor Day, however August can still bring some fun before that happens! Though not everyone will be ok with celebrating International Clown Week, we can all find something to before the Dog Days of Summer (July 3 – August 11) are officially over. Get outside with everyone and roast some marshmallows for perhaps the last time on the first Saturday in August, which happens to be Campfire Day. If you really can’t get enough, then August 10th is National S’mores day and August 30th is Toasted Marshmallow Day!

If you haven’t been cracking open a book much over the summer, get back into the swing on August 9th for Book Lover’s Day. In fact, if it’s a good book, don’t feel bad about sitting around reading all day on August 10th in celebration of Lazy Day. Maybe grab a journal and start on that novel you keep threatening to write. Even you, mom. Chores can wait, I promise.


August is also the month to celebrate some of the other family in your life besides mom and dad. Have some family fun and celebrate these if they apply to you:

August 5 – (First Sunday) Sisters Day

August 11 – Son and Daughter Day

August 12 – Middle Child’s Day

August 17 – Chinese Valentine’s Day / Daughter’s Day

August 21 – Senior Citizen’s Day

No matter what kind of fun you want to have this summer, there’s a day, a week, or a month for that. No need to stick to the traditional holidays this year. Even if you hate the heat, you can stay inside and watch all the cat videos on the internet you desire on Wednesday, August 8th – International Cat Day.


There are so many more to choose from that can be found here so don’t wait! Start having some alternate summer fun with wacky and weird holidays. You just might find yourself a new hobby! Axe Throwing, anyone? (June 13th)