Bronze Leonidas Spartan King Greek Hoplite Spear Shield Hand Painted Statuette

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  • COMMANDING SIZE - Stands at 9.75 Inch High on a 5 Inch Wide by 4 Inch Long Base. Leonidas' Cloak and Spear Give the Figure an Overall 6 Inch Wide by 6.25 Inch Depth Profile.
  • DURABLE CASTING - Solid Cast Resin with Bronze Powder For a Sturdy Statue that Captures the Battle Worn Look of the Warrior King.
  • DETAILED FINISH - Hand Painted Accents on Leonidas's Shield, Sandles, and Helmet Add a Subtle Dash of Color to the Figurine.
  • READY to LEAD - Leonidas Stands Ready with Spear In Hand and a Battle Scratched Shield.
  • SPARTAN DECOR - A Great Centerpiece or Accent for an Ancient Greek Themed Living Room, Bedroom, or Office.

Stand strong with Spartan honor with this King Leonidas figure with shield and spear. Made with a mixture of resin and bronze powder, this cold cast bronze figure captures the commanding presence of the warrior king in great detail. Hand painted accents add a subtle dash of color to Leonidas' hoplite shield and helmet, giving each figure a unique battle worn finish. Ready for the coming fight, Leonidas measures at 9.75 inch tall, 6 inch wide, with a depth of 6.25 inch with spear and shield at the ready, and stands on a 5 inch wide, 4 inch long base.

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