Frigga Norse Goddess of Destiny Love and Marriage w/Infant Animals & Spindle

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  • 7.75 in. High, 6 in. Long, 4.5 in. Wide.
  • Expertly Cast in Resin in Impressive Intricate Detail that Looks Amazing From Any Angle.
  • Beautiful Bronze Finish Partially Colorwashed in Red to Accentuate Frigga's Dress.
  • Depicts Frigga Sitting with a Lamb, Swan and Infant at Her Feet Holding a Spindle Which She Used to Weave the Clouds for Sunshine and Rain and the Fertility of Crops, and Also the Destiny of Man and Gods Alike.
  • A Great Gift For Viking Mythology and Medieval Art Collectors.

Known by many names, including Frigg, Frija, Frea, and Frige, the Norse goddess Frigga rules over the destiny not only of man but also of the gods. She is shown with a spindle with which she weaves that destiny, as well as manipulates the weather for the fertility of crops. At her feet are an infant, lamb, and swan. The sculpture of this Viking goddess has been given a bronze finish which has been color washed in a red tint to highlight the dress of the figure. The work of art is an excellent gift for anyone who is interested in Viking mythology, medieval history, or simply a strong woman ruling over her household.

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Product Dimensions:
7.75 x 6 x 4.5 Inch

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