Head of Medusa the Greek Gorgon Serpent Bronze Finish Statue

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  • 14.5 in. High, 11.5 in. Long, 4.5 in. Wide.
  • Expertly Sculpted in Cold Cast Bronze in Intricate Detail with an Amazing Realistic Texture.
  • Mixing Bronze Powder with Resin Creates a Solid Metal Appearance with a Striking Finish.
  • Hand Painted with Green as the Only Color Seemingly Brings the Snakes to Life, and It's Said that Looking Into the Eyes of Medusa Instantly Turns the Victim to Stone.
  • A Must-Have Piece for Any Fantasy or Mythology Art Collection.

It's said that looking into the eyes of medusa instantly turns her victims to stone. The snake haired gorgon serpent seemingly comes to life in a cold cast bronze sculpture, so you can proudly hang her head on your wall. Cold cast bronze is a method of mixing bronze powder into a resin mixture to give it the look of solid metal with a striking bronze finish. The only color on this medusa sculpture is on the venomous snakes in green with red tongues, and the texture looks so real, it'll make you do a double take. And you thought you had morning hair! Medusa may be menacing, but you can tame her by hanging her head on the wall as a trophy!

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Product Dimensions:
14.5 x 11.5 x 4.5 Inch

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